How do I buy a domain and hosting

A lot of information on the network on this topic. But I can not write about it. Since this initial steps novice blogger. Any blog, website begins its existence with the purchase of a domain and hosting. And in fact, it’s done pretty simple, but still, do not miss important moments such as the purchase of the domain, and so on …

I’ll start with the Board that the purchase, choosing a registrar of domain names should be paid to the fact that some already have a feature before installing various engines blogs, websites, social networks and forums. And when you buy one of these, you do not have to fill in the files via FTP engine. Otherwise, we need only to choose according to your preferences. Price, features such as support for databases and their number or what additional services, here’s what to look for.

Still, I would like to focus on the fact that when you buy hosting, many hosting companies have the opportunity to buy the domain directly from the control panel. These hosting companies usually work with a specific domain name registrar. Also, they may have a variety of discounts and promotions, and rarely buy a domain through the host, much cheaper than the same domain name registrar.

All that you should know for their own self-development. But if you still bought the domain, and then purchased the hosting, you should do one simple operation, so to speak parked domain on the hosting. Describe in “two” words, what does it do. For example, someone dials your blog address or click on a link to your blog, and what would the browser know exactly where to apply, and this operation is done. That is to say to associate your domain with a particular place (your host) in the network.

To get started go to the site and host in a private office or information about your domain, see DNS server, which should be set. Next, go to the website host, and there indicates the address of the domain and DNS server. After this operation, there is a binding domain, can not immediately earn while your request is not processed.

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In principle, each service their control panel and can be differently something called, but the principle of operation of one and all this is done quite simply. That’s why I did not resort to detail more extensive explanations.